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Susie Harrington's Dharma Talks at Sky Mind Retreats
Susie Harrington
Susie Harrington has been meditating since 1989, and been engaged in Insight meditation practice since 1995. She began teaching in 2005, with the guidance of Guy Armstrong, Jack Kornfield and more recently Joseph Goldstein. She often offers retreats in the natural world, believing nature to be the most profound dharma teacher, and a natural gateway to our true self. Her teaching is deeply grounded in the body and emphasizes embodiment of our practice in speech and daily life. For more information go to
2021-01-01 The Wholesome Womb of Attention: Yoniso Manasikara 57:46
Fundamental to our experience is where our attention lands. Our attention can be run by habit and conditions or, with practice and the training of the mind, we can make choices about what and how we pay attention. This choice, and what unfolds as a result, can make all the difference. Wise Intention is Part 2 of this two talk series.
2021 New Years Retreat

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