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Retreat Dharma Talks at Sky Mind Retreats

2021 New Years Retreat

2021-01-01 (3 days) Sky Mind Retreats

2021-01-01 The Wholesome Womb of Attention: Yoniso Manasikara 57:46
Susie Harrington
Fundamental to our experience is where our attention lands. Our attention can be run by habit and conditions or, with practice and the training of the mind, we can make choices about what and how we pay attention. This choice, and what unfolds as a result, can make all the difference. Wise Intention is Part 2 of this two talk series.
2021-01-02 Intention: Bringing Wisdom to the Moment 42:33
Susie Harrington
Wise intention plays out in concentric circles of time. We may tend to make big broad objectives, but it is how these come to play out in the hours and the moments of our days that will guide the effectiveness and usefulness of our intentions. Part 2 of a two part series with Womb of Attention as part 1.
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