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Dharma Talks given at Sky Mind Retreats
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2020-03-05 Guided Meditation: Four Elements Meditation 40:10
  Susie Harrington
A guided Elements Meditation with 8 minute intro to finding balance and accessing ease through earth connection. Second morning of retreat 3 in 15 month program. (Program Sponsored by the Sati Center)
Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy Retreat 3

2014-11-01 Eight Vicissitudes and Contentment 51:04
  Susie Harrington
How the vicissitudes enter into our day to day and how we can see the truth of our experience and find contentment in each moment. This talk was offered as part of a retreat in Saskatoon, Canada.

2014-10-30 Refuges 45:38
  Susie Harrington
A talk to welcome the retreat and introduce the refuges of the Buddha, the dharma, and the Sangha. This talk was offered at a retreat in Saskatoon, Canada.

2014-08-16 You're Beautiful- Knowing and Disempowering the Self Critic 55:37
  Susie Harrington
Susie recounts the story of the Buddha's enlightenment and relates that story to how we can disempower our self-critic.
Awakening the Heart, Freeing the Mind

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